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The culinary tradition of Mouneh takes us on a pulsating journey through the scattered, colorful characters of Lebanon, conveying glimmers of hope in the darkest of places.

Format: Feature Documentary | Producer: Ines Meier (Germany) & Liliane Rahal (Lebanon) | Writer/Director: Sarah Kaskas | Production Stage: Development



An absurd representation of war in a country that would rather watch football on TV. Serene and her brother Ziad, leave their hometown in Germany to visit their native country of Lebanon
for the first time. After the July war suddenly breaks out and Ziad gets injured in a bombing, Serene
to reach a port in Beirut where a German evacuation is taking place. Torn between an overwhelming feeling of patriotism and leaving for good, Serene
is forced to witness the bitter absurdities of her country at war.

Format: Animation | Producer: Michael Schwertel (Germany) | Writer/Director: Sarah Kaskas | Production Stage: Development


409441_10151223413475408_2092759212_nUNTITLED WALL DOCUMENTARY

In the winter of 2011, a Canadian film crew reconstructs the Israeli apartheid wall in the slums of Amman as an important set in the film.  The residents surrounding the wall are Palestinian refugees, most of whom have only seen the wall in pictures and stories. This project documents their reactions to the wall and their feelings of estrangement towards their homeland.

Format: Short Documentary | Producer: micro-scope | Writer/Director/Cinematography/Editor/Sound/Music: Sarah Kaskas |        Production Stage: Post-production



A dark comedy about three generations of the Chahine family women, who are believed to be cursed when it comes to the men in their lives.

Format: Feature Film | Writer/Director: Sarah Kaskas |                                    Production Stage: Development